Just wanted to drop you folks a note of appreciation for your site .... Yours is the EXACT  kind of  info people with T need .... When I first started experiencing T I got very negative info from ent and internet and took me some time to sort out what and whom to use as resources....CORRECT information is crucial in recovery process ..... Thanks again and keep up the good work! - Best, Bill

"Practical tips, treatment strategies and a discussion forum for those affected by Tinnitus. Good quality CD's and MP3's for relaxation and promoting sleep. I suffered from Tinnitus and tried pretty much everything; vitamins, acupressure, hypnotism and supplements with limited success. As I was always looking for a cause it never occurred to me there may actually be a process to reduce the severity of the symptoms. My ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat specialist) told me that Tinnitus Retraining and other therapies are reserved for more severe cases The Noise relief system seems to be a practical approach to lessen Tinnitus. The advise on the Resources web site is good forcing you to stick to a plan. Some days are better than others and on some weekend days, when my stress levels are low, I actually forget about the noise. If you haven’t gone with full blown Tinnitus Retraining Therapy I would recommend the Noise Relief symptom as a good symptom relief approach."

"After obtaining Tinnitus as a result of a stuffed Eustachian tube, followed by a loud noise I met with medical doctor and ears nose and throat (ENT) guy. My audiogram and eardrum were fine so the ENT proclaimed everything was fine and “Don’t Worry”. Well everything wasn’t fine. My tinnitus seemed to get worse on the report there was nothing I could do about it but better when I had heard from a family friend that they had it for about a year and then it simply disappeared. My tinnitus definitely was affected by emotions.

At times the noise got so bad that it sound like a jet engine. When I discovered the Noise Relief system the severity of Tinnitus was greatly reduced. Now I use the white noise therapy about 2-3 hours per day especially before bedtime or when the ear noise is especially loud. I also listen to Noise Relief "white noise" CD's all night using headphones and find I am now back to about 8 hours per day in sleep. I’m grateful that someone put a system in place, and given order and happiness back into my life."

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