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Ear Noise Relief

The goal of this site is to outline specific, actionable items that have helped the authors of the site to reduce or eliminate the severity of Tinnitus or ear noise using techniques from Auditory Habituation Theory which is also referred to as Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) . Although over 80% of individuals are able to partially or totally habituate (no longer perceive the Tinnitus at a conscious level) these success stories and how this habituation is achieved are not widely publicized. There may be many reasons for this:

  • Many of those that have suffered from Tinnitus and that have been “cured” want to get on with life and not dwell on what may have been a very difficult part of their life.
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  • Auditory Habituation theory is relatively new and has only become widely accepted in the last decade. There is still a widespread medical belief that the “cure” should be in repairing the phsycial components of the ear rather than “rewiring or retraining the brain” through sound therapy and counseling. We feel that Auditory Habituation therapy is the state of the art at this time. By “Retraining the brain” through Auditory Habituation therapy you reduce or eliminate the perception of the Tinnitus.
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  • Just because the process may take a long time (up to 6-18 months ) this doesn’t mean it is not worthwhile doing. By following the specific steps you will achieve some immediate benefit in terms of reduced annoyance and stress level while you are on your way to a long term goal of “Habituation of Perception”. This is where the ear noise is no longer perceived at the conscious level.
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  • Many “resources” out there do not provide Tinnitus sufferers with much hope and practical suggestions for overcoming the symptoms of Tinnitus and thus many people actually have their condition get worse as they receive “negative counseling”. This occurs when a Tinnitus sufferer performs his or her own research or obtains inappropriate medical advice that little can be done. As negative emotions and feeling of hopelessness manifest and are linked by the brain to the earnoise the Tinnitus simply worsens. Auditory Habituation theory holds that a subconscious or conscious association of a negative emotion with the ear noise may actually may make the condition worse as the brain is trying to determine whether the perceived noise is something that is a threat and that needs attention. For instance, some individuals affected by Tinniuts may actually feel a “fight or flight response” whereby the heart beats faster, blood flows to internal organs and auditory and visual senses are put on a state of alert and heightened.


The techniques discussed herein are coping strategies and may significantly lessen the symptoms, severity and duration of your Tinnitus. The comments are not a substitute for medical advice and we recommend that the first step be to contact your physician. Please see your physician, and/or your ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT) and audiologist before embarking on new therapies.

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We wish you all the best and a strong and timely recovery!

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"I suffered from Tinnitus and tried pretty much everything; vitamins, acupressure, hypnotism and supplements with limited success. As I was always looking for a cause it never occurred to me there may actually be a process to reduce the severity of the symptoms. My health professional told me that Tinnitus Retraining Therapy and other therapies are reserved for more severe cases. For the past year I have just lived with it. provides practical tips and resources to lessen ear noise. The recommended routines are good forcing you to stick to a plan. Some days are better than others and on some weekend days I actually forget about the noise. After 7 months of using the system the Tinnitus no longer bothers me. If you haven’t gone with full blown Tinnitus Retraining Therapy I would recommend the Noise Relief system as a good symptom relief approach."